Port of Kehl

Companies at the port

The Rhin port of Kehl is also a preferential industrial location in the region of the southern Upper Rhine.

Port of Kehl

Approximately 4,500 people are employed with 120 enterprises.

Structural steel products from the Badische Stahlwerke enjoy a good reputation all over Europe, and high-quality thermographic and decor papers are produced here by the global market leader Koehler. The camper manufacturer Bürstner based at the Rhine port of Kehl is well known in the entire leisure sector. Not less well known are fittings for gas provision from RMA Kehl as well as the products of the Raiffeisen Group and the machine construction companies Presstec and Presstrade. Also Herrenknecht, being the technological and market leader in mechanical tunnel advance, profits from the advantages the Rhine port of Kehl is offering.

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